The cover of this book, designed for Wellington Architecture firm Studio Pacific Architecture, was inspired by their design of the Meridian Building. The Meridian Building, a well-known landmark on the Wellington Waterfront, has slats of wood which create an exoskeleton around the building which reveals and conceals parts of the building. The cover of this book mimics this by wrapping around the text block while the laser cut sections reveal areas of colour. 
These colours are echoed throughout the book creating consistency. Solid bright red section and bold black chapter openers guide the reader. Coptic binding allows the book to lie flat and mimics the long vertical columns of slats seen on the Meridian Building.
The timeless combination of red, white and black was chosen to reflect the timelessness of Studio Pacific's designs. The red also references the several mentions in the text of pōhutukawa dotted throughout grids. Large areas of white space give the reader breathing space and give the book a more luxurious quality.
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